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What to Wear : Fall 2022 Family Photo Sessions

It's just about time to get together for your fall family photo session and I am so excited! Finding the right date and time was the first challenge, now it's about getting your outfits ready. Don't get stressed though, I've got lots of advice and ideas to help you get the whole family ready.

Are you hoping to find the perfect wardrobe that fits all of this year's trends and colors? I've got your back! Below you can find some inspiration photo, and clickable shopping links to outfits for woman in the colors I think will pop this most this year, Terracotta, Mustard Yellow, and Pink.

But first let's not forget my recent, and most controversial post on What NOT to Wear: Anything but green! I personally love wearing green, and it looks so good on so many not to mention Olive Green feels so fall. What it also does though is blend right into the Charleston background. Read all of the details and my thoughts about that idea here.

Now back to my favorite colors for this season(with a fully clickable shopping list too!). Plus notice my suggestion for other colors that pair well with the main star of the show so you can easily find items for the other members of your family.

A safe, favorite color pallet for any fall season is Terracotta. A great way to bring this color into any family wardrobe is by adding it as a top layer. Almost every season I see this color creep onto retail shelves as a sweater. (Possibly ever year I buy a version of two for myself) Add it as a cardigan on top of a neutral color dress, pair it with a skirt. I love this color with light tans in khaki's pants, next to dark blue's or light grays and almost always with tan booties and a matching hat.

Shop with the direct links below:

I know you're probably sick of hearing me say it but I LOVE MUSTARD YELLOW! It brings a touch of warmth to a backdrop of greenery. Not to mention it makes everyone smile when they see it. This color just feels like fall to me and pairs so well with so many colors. It's a great companion for dark brown and greens and is so easy to add as just a small pop of yellow by adding a mustard yellow scarf.

Shop with the direct links below:

Pink In (almost) all shades adds such a softness to any image. I love how all shades of pink work together meaning you can easily layer pinks across lots of different family members. (For families who have children with particular preferences over what they wear this is great news!)

Shop with the direct links below:

For full family sessions I now offer full styling and a client closet full of pretty dresses to fit all sorts of styles and sizes. I also have a fully clickable shopping guide for every member of your family linked here. Many of the items you'll find on these amazon lists I have ordered myself to try them on and see the quality of them in real life. I've already done the reviewing and vetting for you! Plus I have a few other blog posts you may also want to check out with ideas on great tips for layering, accessories and other color pairings.

Don't forget the most important tip, message me! Send me pictures of what you've pulled out, chat with me about what you hope to find and let me help make sure you're family shows up to your session comfortable, coordinating and ready to shine!

Happy Styling.


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