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What to Wear: Fall 2022 Anything but Green!

If you've been following me on Instagram for awhile you may remember last fall when I announced that I hate the color orange. Now here's the thing, I hate certain kinds of orange. Safety orange for instance casts a terrible glow that makes everyone's chin look shiny. Rust orange however can look fantastic against a Southern fall background. And so I take my proclamation from 2021 back. Go ahead and wear orange to your session. It'll look so bold against the backdrop. And speaking of a fall backdrop..


Now hear me out, I love green! Not only do I display it all over my home in the form of plants I also consider it one of my power colors and I wear it proudly and often. But there is something that almost all fall photo sessions in Charleston have in common:

Family photography in Hampton Park, Charleston SC
Family photography in Hampton Park, Charleston SC

Family photography in Hampton Park, Charleston SC

An almost all green background! Here in Charleston we don't have a true fall season, and therefore our leaves don't change with the season. Here is another thing I want you to notice about these three photos, all 3 Mom's are wearing a variation of green. And frankly they look stunning and their photos look great. But maybe when you looked at these photos you noticed the little boys sweater, or Dad and baby, or the ruby red dress first. What you didn't notice first was how drop dead gorgeous all three of these Mom's are. Keep in mind you'll be standing against the green and brown backdrop when you decide what you wear. My first suggestion? Cream. Cream as a neutral really pops against the green and means you can be sure and stand out!

Already have the perfect green dress you were excited to wear? Throw a cream cardigan on top! Add a white scarf, or dig a tan lace cardigan out to throw overtop.

( Wait.. I have all of those available as accessory options in my client closet! Add them to your outfit at no extra charge by emailing me now! )

Here are a few good cream colored options available now:

The White Lace Dress is also available in my client closet for you to wear!

Message me and say you want to wear the Willadeene dress!

I can't wait to see what you choose to wear! Don't forget I've got a closet full of FREE items you can borrow for your session ( and yes a few green dresses are included in the closet! ) . Send me text with pictures, shoot me an email with questions and let's get you the perfect outfit by working together!


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