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Branding Session

Branding isn't just about having photos for you linked-in profile or your social media accounts. Branding photos are all about capturing the spirit who you are and how seriously you take your work in images that can do a whole lot of speaking for you. A photo can say things for you that sometimes words just can't. A branding session is also an awesome way to show off just what it is you do, and exactly why everyone should want to work with you. 

You're trustworthy and professional and beyond all of that you're special. Make sure the images you show the working world say exactly that. 

Different jobs require different types of images. Some more creative branding photos, some more formal headshots and some are right in between.
Lucky there are sessions options for every type of job with
custom sessions created for your particular needs.  

Creative Branding Portraits:

Your customers and followers don't just want to know what it is you offer them, they want to see how exactly you get it all done. By welcoming me into your space we can capture not only more formal style headshots, but also images of you 'hard at work' helping you create a full gallery of B-roll images of you at work that can be used for your own online content and marketing. 

Prices will be based on amount outfit changes and desired amount of gallery images.  The entire gallery of images will be available for download for you to keep and use. 

Contact for specific pricing and to discuss session details. 

Prices starting at $450 

Arun Branding collage.jpg

Personality Portraits:

These are formal backdrop photos with a bit of funky flare. These are perfect for a workplace that needs some consistency in their headshots but want to showcase just how fun the workplace is. 

I come to your place of work with a backdrop in hand. I'll work with each individual employee to make sure we capture their particular style. All images will be added to a gallery and can be made available in color and in black and white. 

Prices will be based on amount of employees in need to photos. Completed gallery will be completed with full download access for all employees. 

Contact for specific pricing and to discuss session details. 

Prices starting at $350 


Formal Headshots:

Consistency matters. It matters to your clients, and it matters to you, which is why you need headshots that convey not only professionalism but consistency. Formal headshots are required for a number of professions, and are important to have available for your next big speaking gig. But formal doesn't have to equal stiff. We'll work together to make sure the backdrop we choose can most effectively tell the story you need your headshot to convey. There are options for both outdoor locations as well as in office studio shots with a backdrop. These are perfect for bringing in the whole team and making sure that when you update your website, the faces of the people who make up your company are shown updated and consistent. 

Pricing varies based on the number of employees and pictures desired from your final gallery. 

Contact for specific pricing and to discuss session details. 

Prices starting at $250