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What to Wear: The Full Client Closet

Are you ready to shop? Welcome to my client closet. Here you'll find a variety of dresses, all currently sitting in my closet, tested by me as being gorgeous in all sorts of settings and ready for you! It is completely FREE to borrow any of these dresses for your session. Take some time scrolling. Look for the dress that feels the most like you, and that you know will be a great starting point for building the wardrobe for the rest of your family. This blog post is being continuously updated as new dresses are added. Be sure and send me an email to let me know what dress had caught your eye. I'll get back to you with the size and fit details of the dress you're interested in and we can start talking about what colors would pair great with it. It's just that easy! Some of these dresses have shown off a little bit on other clients before. Keep an eye out for links on any names for blog posts featuring some of these dresses in action.

Happy Shopping!!

Jolene | Amelia | Willow

Fretta | Norma Jean | Lulu

Emma Lee | June | Opal

Dixie | Callie | Maribelle

Sadie | Tilly | Dolly

Kitty | Savannah | Kimono ( available in blue, tan, black, cream & pink)

The fun doesn't stop at dresses though! I also have a number of accessories available for you to wear for your session. Sometimes, all you need is that little extra bit of styling.

Black rounded adjustable size hat

Tan rounded adjustable size hat

Looking for some more ideas on what to wear? Be sure and check out the Styling page of my website. There you'll find example images of these dresses at sessions, plus find clickable shopping links to many of these dresses plus a shopping guide for each member of the family. Styling is one of my favorite parts of getting ready for a session and I'm excited to get started working with you and your family to make sure you feel relaxed, gorgeous and photo ready!


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