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Styling for your Session

A bit of styling can make such a big difference in a gallery of images. It's a bit of planning and a bit of coordinating but the final outfits when put all together help to bring a final image together. 

"Finding the right outfits for your session is the first part of our collaborative experience."

I know the stress of needing to put together the perfect look and how daunting it can feel. Finding the right style for your session is the first step in our collaboration. We'll determine the vibe of your session (fun and playful or more soulful and sweet) and then with a few guidelines and a color pallet in mind you can pull all of the exact right items together for each member of your family. Here are a few options to make the process even easier.

Let me do it with you

You know that thing you hate, having to drive to all the stores and find clothes that coordinate for every single member of your family? It's one of my favorite things, so let me do the whole thing for you! We'll discuss what things you already have in your closets that will work for each of your family members, and what sizes everyone is. Then armed with all of the information about your family and your budget in mind I'll take care of all the purchasing. You pay me for the clothing you wear and love. Simple as that! 

Before we start talking about shopping though, shop through my client closet! Below you'll find photos and information about all of the items I have on hand that you can borrow for your session. You can click on any image to generate an email letting me know what dress you are most excited to wear! 

Welcome to my Client Closet

You've got this! 

We've discussed some ideas, you've got a plan in mind and you're ready to go execute! You've got this! While shopping keep in mind a few necessary rules I suggest everyone follow; no logos or words on clothings, no neon colors and don't bring everyone in identical outfits. Want to match your kiddos? Go ahead, but then make sure the grown-ups stand out from each other. Gone are the days of matching white shirts and denim pants, instead it's all about coordinating patterns and colors!  

I have written a few different blog posts sharing all of my go-to rules, suggesting color pallets and hints for putting together the perfect looks. 

What to Wear to a family photo session

What to Wear : Beach Session Edition

And most importantly, don't forget to reach out to me at any time with any questions. I encourage you to send me pictures of your outfits ahead of time, text me from the dressing room with photos of your options and let me help you if you get stuck. Together we'll make the perfect team to get your whole family dressed and looking their best! 

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