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What to wear for a Beach photo session: Charleston family photographer

The number one comment I get after a session is booked is, 'We're so excited, now what should we wear?'. Helping to coordinate outfits is one of my favorite things to do. Before I was meeting and capturing families on the beach, before I was running through Central park chasing kids with my camera, before I was photographing friends in any open field I could find I was busy photographing myself in my living room for a fashion blog. In fact, putting together and photographing outfits is exactly what sparked my love of photography. My boyfriend (now husband) purchased an SLR camera for me as a Christmas gift to help me take my fashion selfie's up a notch. More then 10 years have passed since I first turned put my camera into manual mode, and my love of finding coordinating clothes hasn't waned one bit.

I’m sure by now you’ve read my first blog post on what to wear to a photo session, and those core ideas still stand. Dress the hardest to dress family member first and let the other outfits fall into place. Patterns are always a good idea, and don’t be afraid to mix and match those patterns. Let everyone’s personality shine by dressing in things that reflect them. Layers are always good, and while harder to do in the heat of the beach it’s still something to consider if your outfit is missing a little something. Maybe add a kimono over your dress, or utilize jewelry to help give your outfit some spunk. Now that we've speed through the fundamentals from my 'What to wear to a family photo session' post, let's hone in on some tips specific to choosing what to wear for a beach session.

You’ve got a blue and tan background, keep that in mind. Find colors that either blend and work with the guaranteed colors behind you or go bold and let yourself pop. Here are some sure-fire color combinations to try:

Pink and Blue

Green and Pink

Light color neutrals and blue

or let nature be your inspiration and lean into the blues, tan and yellow.

Now that you've narrowed down what color's to wear, there are still a few things you should bare in mind before you decide exactly what to wear.

Be ready to get wet, to get sandy, and to look and be a bit more ruffled then when you first arrived. That’s why we’ll try and get the more formal, pretty, everyone looking at the camera poses out of the way, right away. Then you can get down to playing, laughing, splashing and making fun memories together.

Know that weather exists at the beach and don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage. Pick dresses that flow in the wind, shirts that are cotton based and breathe and shorts that will allow you to wade in the waters without worry.

The clothing you choose can help to tell the story of your family but the best news is that it won't matter what you're wearing when you're huddled together with your family laughing and radiating with the love. Come dressed in your best smiles and I promise the photos will be great.

Kayla Rochelle photography is open and booking for Folly and Kiawah beaches on the coast of South Carolina.


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