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What to Wear: Black & White Heirloom Sessions

The best part about the intimate heirloom sessions is how little planning you need to do to walk away with gorgeous photos of your kiddos. The whole point is for their little personality to shine for just a short few minutes and since the image will be converted to black and white, details like freckles and curls will appear bolder than what they are wearing anyways. Even so, you will want to put at least a little thought into what in the heck they should be wearing.

My kiddos make the perfect on-hand models for my example so here I've got them dressed in some side by side options. Neither of these choices are wrong! But if you can get past how stinkin' cute all 4 of these images are you'll see how different the vibe becomes based on what they are wearing.

On the left hand side both my girls are wearing more neutral options, but please know neither of these shirts are white. They are both wearing a shade of pink but once converted these become more white and black. We also went with no patterns or logos so the images have a classic look. On the right hand side both the girls are wearing patterns, my youngest is in a black based sweater ( that actually has neon colors!) and my oldest was in a white and navy blue dress. These outfits stand out much bolder than the neutral outfits so the images have more interest, and do feel a bit more relaxed and fun., but when you look at the image your eye is naturally drawn towards the outfit just as much as their sweet faces where when they are in the neutral clothing their faces stand out stronger. Again, none of these outfit choices are wrong! But they do have an effect on what the final vibe for your photo will be so it's something to keep in mind when selecting outfits.

I do suggest you do not dress your child in anything featuring logos. You want to make sure that if they are in a pattern it's not one that will inadvertently spend more time advertising for a company and not advertising how cute those cheeks on your kiddo are!

Remember colors don't matter, but shades do. Here are just a few examples:

He is wearing light gray.

She is wearing navy blue and white.

He is wearing marbled gray.

He is wearing bright yellow.

I can't wait to see what your kiddo wears and to get a chance to photograph that big personality and to let it shine in all of it's high contrast, heirloom quality glory!

Curious to learn more about the intimate heirloom mini sessions? Find information here now!


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