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Intimate Heirloom Mini Sessions

Those sweet babes, they're always growing and changing. Time is such a cruel thief isn't it?
Why not stop time, for just a moment with these i
ntimate, heirloom mini sessions.
A 15 minute session with a focus on capturing all those little details you love. 

Saturday February 18th, 2023

session times available from 9am-12pm

$75 per session 
books session and includes 1 photo
$25 for each additional photo 

All the need to know details:

The mini sessions will take place in my garage on James Island off Folly Road. Exact address will be given upon payment of your session deposit. 

What about siblings?
The session fee of $50 is for your 15 minute time slot. Each child will get a few minutes by themselves for close up portrait shots. At the end of the session images with all of the siblings together will be taken. There is a max of 3 siblings due to time. For more than 3 children, additional time will be needed. Contact me directly for pricing. 

What should they wear? 

During the editing process the images will be converted to a high contrast black and white. Increasing the contrast will make sure all those little details like freckles and eyelashes pop. This will also mean whatever your kiddo is wearing will also pop. With that in mind, here is my suggested list of tips:
- nothing with logos or words 
- no small patterns like tiny stripes or small square plaid
- Avoid white. Soft neutral's like gray or light pinks are fine but keep in mind they'll blend into the background ! 

Can we bring our pets?
Pets are a big part of our families aren't they? I'd love to photograph your pup but there are lots of logistical concerns that need to be taken into account. If you are interested in having your pet join, let's talk it over! Reach out to me directly so we can see if all of the necessary details can be worked out. 

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