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What to Wear to a Fall Family Photo Session: Target 2021 edition

Welcome to my very un-fancy and very un-formal What to Wear for fall family photos blog post! I'm so excited for fall photo session, and it is quickly approaching!

I've written a few versions of the What to Wear post previously. My first post is full of all my need to know advice of how to layer, how to mix patterns and what my tried and true rules are. My second post, while written specific to sessions on the beach, is focused more on some color mixing and matching options that can work for any photo session. For this post I'm going to focus on things you can find on your Target shelves right now! My mini assistant ( she's the one in pink) and I headed out to Target as soon as I knew they has received some of their fall shipments in and went dancing through the aisles, mixing and matching items to create some great starting points for a wardrobe. (Plus Target offers many of these items also available in plus size!) With any of these outfits on Mom a great foundation of colors is created to make dressing the rest of the family much easier! All of these (obviously camera phone) photos can only go so far for visuals, so be sure and head to my Instagram to see a full video of all of these items of clothing in motion.

I had seen this dress from Knox Rose online and was eager to try it on in the store. And while this post is not about the fit or feel of an item and instead dedicated to how to find a great outfit, I have to take a moment to say, this dress is amazing! It has this magical waistline that is so flattering without being tight. I like the multiple colors the dress provides in the pattern meaning you have lots of options for what to pair it with.

Grandpa Cardigan: Women's Button front Cardigan ( in charcoal) $27.99

Yellow Blanket Scarf: from the dollar spot! $5

For a different look I kept the dress on but added a rust colored cardigan. This would be a great addition if you were going to put the other family members in creams, browns and khaki's. On Instagram you can see I added a blush colored scarf which would help connect with a blush or cream colored dress on a kiddo. Just add ankle boots and this outfit is ready to go!

This dress pattern is also available as a shirt! What a great option if you'd be more comfortable in pants.

Not everyone feels their best in dresses and I totally get it! One of my biggest rules with picking what to wear is to make sure everyone is comfortable in what their wearing. I'm a huge fan of black denim personally and if you want to have a formal look without a dress the are a great option. Denim can be a tricky option for family photos. In general denim can make a session appear more casual and relaxed which is great, but you're contending with needing to match all of the denim involved so you don't end up with all wearing the exact same tone denim and also the you don't have shades of light and dark on different people that fight against each other. Keep it dark and keep it clean.

So often with fall photos you think of the colors, rust, blush, brown's and creams. What about going totally unexpected with a teal floral dress? This one has black and lavender flowers that would stand out amazingly next to family members in purple and navy tones. Something that can really elevate a photo is texture in the styling. Layering can really help create that by putting different fabrics right next to each other.

Dress: Women's Long Sleeve Baby doll dress ( in Green Floral) $29.99

Grandpa Cardigan: Women's Button front Cardigan ( in charcoal) $27.99

Blush Blanket Scarf: from the dollar spot $5

You don't have to buy all new outfit's just to get good photos. I guarantee you have all of the components you need to put together great looks for the whole family right now! If you did want to pick up a new item or two to use as inspiration points for the whole family Target is full of good choices this season!


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