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How to prepare for your in home newborn session with Kayla Rochelle

Your contract has been signed and the invoice has been paid. I've had you penciled in for the weeks around the baby's expected arrival date for months and now that they're finally here and you're home it's time for your photo session! You've been thinking about having that baby in your arms and some photos of your family all together for all of the months of your pregnancy and now it's finally happening. So how can you prepare for your session, and just what do you need to know? Here is where you can find all of the most asked questions about your in-home newborn session.

What to do before I arrive:

Before your photo session what you want to worry about it making sure that you and the baby are as comfortable as possible. If the baby is hungry, feed them. If you are hungry, feed yourself. I like to suggest you take a few moments to get in a shower before I arrive so that you are feeling camera ready for our time together. We will be keeping your session super casual and nice and relaxed though so don't worry to much with having things cleaned, or together before I arrive. In fact if you need some time to get yourself together a bit I'll get those solo shots of baby while you're busy. As soon as baby is hungry we'll go ahead and get in those nursing or feeding shots, and if baby doesn't seem to be able to be put down on this day we'll be sure and get lots of one-on-one shots with the parents. There is no agenda for your newborn session! I've got a list of pictures I know we want to get ready in my mind but how the session unfolds, and when we get those pictures will be completely dependent on the littlest family member and their temperament that day. Just prepare yourself by knowing you'll be relaxed and in your home where we can lots of awesome photos of your new family.

Where we'll take photos:

What I don't want you to worry too much about before your session is getting the place all clean. When I come into your home I'm looking around for two things, #1: where the most amount of natural light can be found in your home and #2: where the most atheistically pleasing spots of your home are, or may be. I like to find a good place where you can sit as a family, most likely on a bed or in a chair. Once we've narrowed down the best seating locations I'll start cleaning up the area by removing anything that you may not want in the photos that likely in the background. Most often this includes water bottles, nipple cream, and spit up clothes from the bed side table. And all of the things that we move out of frame I make sure and help move right back once the photos are done! Don't forget, I have lived and worked in 900 square feet apartments in Manhattan and with just one good window and a chair nearby have been able to create galleries full of beautiful baby details so there is no need to stress about the state of your home before your photo session!

What to wear:

For you- We are photographing in your home to create a relaxed vibe, and I think what you wear should do the same. I know you're early in the days with a postpartum body and are feeling unsure of exactly what to wear. Keep in mind that we'll be doing lots of sitting, leaning and cuddling so things that are loose and have layers can be flattering for everyone. The number one thing I like to request everyone keeps in mind is comfort! Comfort first! Your focus will be on all things babe and so don't put yourself in anything that will make you self conscience or will require lots of tugging, pulling or adjusting. If you know you'll want to capture some nursing photos then easy access clothing will be best. I'm also happy to help you narrow down your choices once I'm there for your session! After I've walked through your home and we've figured out exactly where we'll be taking the majority of your photos we'll have a good idea of what colors will be in the background which can help you narrow down if you're stuck between a few choices. Feel free to stay in your sweats until I arrive and we'll make the final decision together!

For baby- The goal of these photos is to capture all of the wrinkles, dry new baby skin and chubby little cheeks so keep baby's clothes plain. You don't want anything to distract from all those sweet details. A simply white or plain colored onsie is all you need and having a few swaddle blankets as options to wrap up baby ( and catch any spit up!) never hurts.

You've done all the hard work already bringing that baby home, so just you sit back, relax, get in the extra cuddles and let me document your little family while you do. I can't wait to meet your new little one and to capture photos you can't wait to fill your frames with.

Kayla Rochelle photographs primarily in Charleston, SC soaking up the beach at sunset and daytime in the parks as much as possible.

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