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A Printing Guide | Go ahead and print those photos!

It has finally happened! You got everyone together and dressed, we met at our designated date and time, we had the best time together at your session, and then after an anxiety filled wait you have received your gallery full of photos that just make your heart soar! You've sent the ones you knew your best friends and the Grandparents just had to see, and you already assigned a new one as your screen saver, but what about the rest. You can't just let them all live on a hard drive for the rest of forever right?!


Of course not! You've got to get those photos printed and hung all over your house, framed as gifts for the next holiday and put out as display. It's not just about having reminders of your successful session either. Research shows that children who have photos of themselves with people who love and care about them displayed in their homes, when they are new circumstances or with new people will act with confidence because those reminders that they have a loving family are placed firmly in their mind.


Photo print options:

4x6 $2.50

5x7 $3.00

8x10 $5.00

11x16 $12.00

additional larger sizes available by request

Do you have to get your photos printed through me? Of course not? But there sure are a good few quality reasons why you should. Head over to the blog post here to see some side by side examples of prints from different popular printing locations to see just what those differences are.

Specialty sizes are available! Above is an 8x8 image in a floating 11x11 black frame from Target. Gorgeous! Contact me directly to get pricing for specific sizing.


Metal Prints are a gorgeous, modern way to display your images so they really pop. These have been specifically printed with on a white bottom layer meaning the colors (in this case black and white) and contrast really pop.

Metal Print Options:


$60 for 1 image

$100 for 2 images

Metal prints include an inset for easy hanging. This also allows the print to hang about 1 inch from the wall creating a floating feel.


Bamboo wrap blocks are a luxurious alternative to canvas. These are a nice piece of bamboo wood with your photo artfully printed and hand adhered. These are a statement piece from all sides. They can be easily hung in the wall but are also thick enough to sit on a flat surface. The block image above of the dancing ballerinas ( the cutest ballerinas ever IMO) is sitting right at on my desk, not leaning or resting on anything. The block is just heavy enough to sit steady making these a wonderful gift for home, or office decor for anyone in your life.

Bamboo block wrap:


$60 for 1 image

$100 for 2 images


$75 for 1 image

$130 for 2 images

While these are my favorite printing options, there are so many other options available to you. If you're looking for something specific you don't see above just ask! Your photo gallery includes a shopping cart full of the pricing and information for everything you see above and never hesitate to email me as well! I'm excited to update your walls with all of your gorgeous photos soon!


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