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Charleston Family Photography

Charleston, SC

Hello! I'm Kayla Rochelle.


Wife. Mama. Book Reader. Reality TV watcher.

Long Hugger. Excessive Laugher. Chatter box. 

I started my photography business years before I became a mother, which isn't surprising when I think about how many hours I spend watching my Mother carefully crafting our memories into scrapbooks as a child. She may have thought she was only trying to preserve our memories, but in doing so she unintentionally taught me the importance of memory keeping. 

I want to capture your moments, freeze your emotions in a picture, and provide you with images that years from now make you cry with pride.


Your love is a beautiful thing. Show it off!

Thanks! Message sent.


All love is welcome 

Every family is composed of different personalities that create a thread of love unique to your family. 
All love is worthy of being photographed and
all love is welcome at Kayla Rochelle photography. 

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