100 Days of Intention - 2018 recap

It's hard to believe but I'm sitting here ready to start another 100 Days of Summer project. Four years ago when I casually answered a Facebook posting I saw saying " I love this idea! Maybe this is the motivation I need to photograph my family more." I had no plans of committing so much time, and effort to the project. I had no idea that this would become such a personal goal for me and I had absolutely zero expectation that I could keep it up for even one whole month. I started that Memorial Day weekend, and I finished later that fall and then I did the same for the following two years as well. Last year I re-named my own personal project as '100 Days of Intention' and decided to focus less on it being summer and more on what our day-to-day looks like. Year 4 promises to be as big of a challenge as the rest. This year I have a child who doesn't sit still, I have a list of business and personal commitments filling up my calendar and my list of 'things to photography' is still empty. And you know what? I'm not sure it could get more real life then that. Before I pick up the camera and start on Year 4, I should recap Year 3. About time right?

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