Sanford Extended Family | Capital District, Albany NY Large Family Photography

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the Sanford family for the first time in 2014. In fact, she was my first word of mouth client! When she heard I was coming back into town ( the Albany, New York area) she reached out so we could arrange a family shoot re-do. The time had come for some updating! Before we could get to their small family photos, we needed to take advantage of having all the extended family in town!

A number of years ago (almost 9 now!) , my own family hired a local photographer to capture all 15 members of my extended family. We all showed up in our matching white shirts and blue jeans ( a HUGE no-no!) and went home with lots of images of our fun family. Those photos are outdated, we look so silly in our matching outfits and we've all changed a lot in the last 9 years but still those photos remained framed in my home. It's our whole family! And what matters more than the silly details, is having the opportunity to capture everyone together in a photo. I'm so happy the Sanford family and I we were able to meet for just a few minutes and capture such important moments.

Kayla Rochelle is a photographer based out of New York City who photographs families in the NYC and Albany areas. To check out her latest work, visit Facebook or Instagram.

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