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I have such a strong love for family traditions. Traditions are the fabric of our families, creating stories we will share with our kids and moments they will in turn share with theirs. In the case of our Italian beef pastry making in our family, it's a tradition that crosses state lines. As we sprinkled the beef, spread the onions and baked the dough our family in the South was doing the same. During Christmas dinner when we were toasting to another great year and eating our Binu's our family in the South was doing the same. This year instead of joining in the baking fest I stepped back to document it. While they added the finishing touches on the meal, I added the finishing touches on our tangible memories. In the future we'll share the memories and the photos from this tradition.

Kayla Rochelle is a photographer based out of New York City who photographs families in the NYC and Albany areas. To check out her latest work, visit Facebook or Instagram.

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