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Hello!! Remember me? I took some unintended time away from blogging for one very good, very little and very sweet reason...

Our daughter was born a year ago! What a whirlwind of a year it's been too! So many things have changed in the last year but one thing has remained the same, I'm never very far from my camera! Even more so these days as I capture our ever changing family. To keep myself accountable with taking pictures daily, I joined an amazing project called '100 Summer Days', a project with the goal of taking a photo every day for 100 days. I knew while chasing a baby around I'd need to give myself a little bit of grace so I decided I would take photos for 100 days, but if they were not consistent I wouldn't sweat it. The important thing is to capture our moments, not to get all worked up about the editing and sharing. I am ASTONISHED by how much I've loved working on this personal project. It's the first time I've committed to a large photo goal like this and am so in love with all of the moments I've captured, both the mundane and the monumental. When I started this project my LO wasn't even walking and now she's not only walking but has grown so full of spunk. I want to recap my project with sharing some of my favorite images from our summer.

First up, June, the month that taught us how to summer. We spent most of our time outside, soaking up the sun and stretching our legs.

Want to see more of the pictures from this project? Be sure and follow me on Instagram! I've posted every picture from the 100 days there!

My personal photo folders are becoming a bit overstuffed and it's high time they came out and saw the light! I'm joining some other photographers in sharing their personal work monthly. Gretchen Willis was one of my first internet photographer friends. Her work is just gorgeous. I love seeing a little bit of her life in the mid-west! Check out her latest All in the Family blog post here.

I've got not only the rest of our summer to show off, but also some pretty awesome clients too. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things here!

Kayla Rochelle is a photographer based out of New York City who photographs families in the NYC and Albany areas. To check out her latest work, visit Facebook or Instagram.

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