Greenwich Village: New York City Street Photography | Clickin' Walk 2016

Street photography is something that interests me so. I love seeing how different photographers capture a particular moment in time in the middle of a public setting. Personally, I have never felt that stopping the motion of the streets has been a strong suit of mine. I often see photos taken by tourists visiting the city and I am in awe. That's what they see when they walk down these streets? I'm so busy living life and running errands here and there that I forget to stop and appreciate how amazing this place is. Recently I had the joy of joining some fellow NYC photographers who are members of the amazing community of female photographers over at Click' Moms. I had such an amazing time. I didn't realize how much I needed the opportunity to spend some time just observing this amazing place. I didn't know how much I would appreciate connecting with other city dwellers, and I didn't understand just how inspired I would become by these women.

Just a bit of Greenwich Village, on Saturday afternoon in May.

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