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I am so blessed to have been so busy this fall season! I'm continually blown away by how lucky I am to be able to spend my time photographing amazing people. Unfortunately being busiest during holiday card season means I often neglect my own family card. Last year I took photos in our dark apartment too late at night which resulted in our card showcasing a NYC skyline view. This year I decided to put a plan in place to get those cards ready on time! The plan was simple, find a 15 minute window when both the husband and the dog didn't look busy and force them outside! When the right opportunity came I shouted ' Let's keep the photos casual so just wear something funny' as I tried on every pair of shoes I own. When it comes to clients photo shoots I show up ready to dig through their closet and make TONS of suggestions. When it comes to my own? Not so organized. Being the last weekend in November JT has his Mo-vember moustache on full display and we both are in desperate need to hair cuts. So we went with the choas, put on our best ' 'Staching through the snow' and Murray-Clause shirts and laughed at ourselves for 15 minutes. This casual family holiday card thing? Now this is a tradition I can get behind.

JT and I both did great, but full props go out to our furry kid who managed to look at the camera even with no-one standing behind it. This guy knows how to earn those treats.

Happy Holidays from The Whites!

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