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Young Baby: A pullback on the images | Albany Family & Children's photographer

Recently I shared some photos of a recent mini session I had with my sweet niece. My amazing Sister-in-law caught me in action and I want to share with you the pull back! I love a good prop and an awesome set-up when it comes to photographing kids. There is something so nice about knowing you've got full control over the background so you can get busy focusing on the subject once it's time for their close up. The reality is though, sometimes I want to capture a great pictures with-out doing much prep. My two go-to tips are easy to follow, simple to understand and quick to put together. Find a great window, and make the background as easy on the eyes as possible. That's it! In this case I knew that sweet baby girl was busy loving hanging out in her activity center, but I knew the bright colors and patterns would take away from her for this set of photos. ( There are lots of times I prefer to leave the background busy, especially if it fits the story I want the photo to tell). So I grabbed her nearest neutral colored blanket, made sure we were placed right near the window and away we went. Our little session lasted about 10 minutes and included about 50 different animal sounds. What we captured in those 10 minutes was a pretty great representation of her amazing personality. As I said before though, she may just already be good at buttering up her Aunt.

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